Code of Conduct

All advice formulated by SO Squared is intended to support the starting company at all times. The coaching offered by SO Squared non profit are free. There won't be any charged fee. The starter has the complete freedom at any time to choose whether or not they want to use the services offered by SO Squared.

SO Squared will at all times respect the freedom of the starters to take any service or product from any party. Possible conflicts of interest (ex. competition) with current dossiers will be immediately made known to the new candidate starters.

SO Squared doesn't provide any capital themselves and thus does not hold stock in the start-up. At the starter's request SO Squared offers help to attract capital for the start-up in the market.

SO Squared is neutral and offers, taking complete freedom in act, a broad array of possible sources of capital. To do so SO Squared offers its experience and knowledge of the market to the starters.

SO Squared undertakes action to strengthen the knowledge based economic web in Belgium and will put up new or supporting activities in order to reach this goal.

SO Squared doesn't interrupt the market. They safeguard the principles of the economy as a free market. SO Squared acts completely independent and there is no exclusivity concerning stakeholders.

At the starter's express request, managers of SO Squared are allowed to take up a seat in their board of directors, invest private capital in their companies, take up salary activities in their spin-off companies.

SO Squared organizes up to 3 SO Squared Business clubs per year, exclusive to SO Squared start-ups. In order to attend the Business club SO Squared asks a yearly contribution to cover logistical costs.

SO Squared is under supervision of a board of sages, the so called crown council, made up off prominent and experienced captains of industry. SO Squared has a board of directors that complies with the rules of corporate governance for companies (one independent director).

The managers of SO Squared report to the crown council (three to four times a year) and to the board of directors (twice a year). It is allowed that managers of SO Squared, from an exemplary function, start their own high-tech spin-off companies, and direct them part time.