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Mechatronics / Robotics

What we do

SO² focuses on free individual coaching. We keep a close eye on the potential market, and help you figure out how your great idea can be turned into a profitable business.

We work with (pre)-starters in the high-tech industry to help them realize successful startups.

"It's not hard to come across one of the many “academical entrepreneurs” when you start your business. They have read every book there is about starting a company, but have never done it themselves. What you need is an entrepreneur who has been through the ropes him- or herself and who is willing to coach you when starting your business. SO2 does exactly this, in the best possible way. Their coaching has been invaluable for us."

Jorrit Heidbuchel
Co-founder Ellio

Our SO² team can help you determine a business concept, write a business plan, draft a financial plan, attract capital, and prepare the necessary documents for the notary. We'll give you lots of practical examples from our own experience as entrepreneurs and from the teams that came before you. Our only goal is to help you succeed.

If you have a disruptive idea, a cutting-edge technology or just a great plan to revolutionize the high-tech world, we'd love to hear it!

"It's awesome to experience that people like you are willing to share experience & ideas with 'searching' starters. There's a lot of talk about supporting entrepreneurs, you just do it! So thank you and onto the next 10 years!"

Hannes De Schrijver
Co-founder Nanobranes

We've been doing this since 2005 and look forward to continue bringing more high-tech startups into the world. We have coached hundreds of teams, leading to the creation of over 200 new tech start-ups.

Scaled-up Start-ups

We have helped over 200 high-tech startups launch great companies with international ambitions, and are proud to introduce some of our success stories


Software has become a vital part of our daily lives, it creates automated processes that make us more efficient. Start-ups in this industry focus on making new or existing software better, faster, and more user-friendly. They also find new uses for already existing technology.

Theo Technologoies
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Health Tech

Health tech focuses on creating new technologies & products that can improve human health. Start-ups working in this industry develop solutions to problems unique to healthcare. Their activities range from finding new ways to diagnose diseases to wearables that track physical activity.

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Mechatronics / Robotics

Mechatronics combines mechanical, electrical & software engineering to create a new class of technology. It’s a broad field that deals with designing, manufacturing, and applying hybrid systems such as robots. As a result, you can find mechatronics in everything from cars to household appliances.

Leuven Air Bearings
ART - Automate Random Things
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Energy technology is the study and development of new ways to produce, store & use energy more efficiently. Start-ups working in this technology create products that different industries can use. They often focus on making it easier for us to save energy.

Th!nk E
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Materials Tech

Materials technology studies the properties & behavior of different materials. Start-ups can then use this knowledge to create or improve new materials. Various sectors, from construction to manufacturing to medicine, use this technology.

Inside matters
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Start-ups work within various fields with an even more comprehensive range of technologies. Some industry examples are; creating safer transportation, making food more accessible, analyzing minerals, etc...

IC Sense
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Support our mission

SO² is on a mission to boost the number of spin-offs in Belgium and beyond. We believe there is tons of talent and knowledge hiding inside universities, colleges, and research departments.

With SO², we stimulate and coach tech entrepreneurs in different technological and operational disciplines.

Your contribution could help us launch yet another successful start-up

Our structural sponsors

Ace Law
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To date, we have coached over 800 start-up teams which helped to create over 200 high-tech start-ups. But none of this would have been possible without the support of our sponsors, both small and large. Their resources have been invaluable to us.

We'd like to thank the companies and organizations that supported us in the past: Deloitte, Pulse Foundation, McKinsey & Company, Laga, NNOF, DLA Piper, VLAIO, EFRO.

We want to invite you to be part of this success! By supporting our mission, you are sponsoring a new generation of start-ups and boosting your visibility in the excellent entrepreneurial community. SO² has broad contacts with universities, governments & other parties at the forefront of entrepreneurship.

Our target audience consists of researchers on one side and an eclectic mix of experienced entrepreneurs on the other

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Who we are

SO squared is made up out of 7 successful high-tech entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in this world. Each and every one of them is motivated to share their personal experience with high-tech entrepreneurship with a new generation of start-ups. All advice given by SO² is intended to benefit and support the start-up. We do this because we believe that Belgium, and furthermore Europe, needs more high-tech start-ups. To enlarge our impact we offer our services for free. Use our advice to your advantage. You are the entrepeneur, you are always in charge.

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Profielfoto SO kwadraat oprichter Ivo Vandeweerd
Profielfoto SO kwadraat oprichter Johan van den Bossche
Dr. ir. Ivo Vandeweerd

Co-founder and ex-CEO of Easics

co-founder and CEO of M4SV

SO² has a crown council that advises them. This council is made up off prominent and experienced captains of industry. Furthermore they have a board of directors and a clear code of conduct.

SO² was founded in 2005 in Leuven. A few years later (2013) we opened a second base in Gent. The non profit is active in the entirety of Belgium and has supported initiatives in Spain, Greece, France and Italy. We like to offer our services to a broad audience, we have done this for VTK Gent, VTK Leuven, the interface service of the UGent and the VUB, Leuven Research and Development, the KVIV group LOMA,...