About SO Kwadraat

Successful entrepreneurs are keen to pass on their experience to a new generation. The opinions formulated by SO Kwadraat association, always support the interests of the start-up company. The coaching activities SO Kwadraat association are free. There is no fee. The starter has complete freedom at any time to make or not to use the services of SO Kwadraat.

SO Kwadraat is advised by a council of elders, called the Privy Council, composed of prominent and experienced captains of industry. SO Kwadraat has a board of directors that meets the rules of corporate governance for business and has a clear Code of Conduct.

SO KWadraat started in Leuven in 2005. In 2013, a second base was added in Ghent. SO Kwadraat is active throughout Belgium and makes its expertise available to initiatives in Spain, Greece, France and Italy.

SO Kwadraat dreamteam

ing. Wim Beazar, medestichter en ex-CEO van Compex NV,
Onderneming van het jaar in 1998.

Dr. Wilfried Langenaeker,
Medestichter en CEO van Silicos NV,
een drug discovery bedrijf.

Paul Janssens,
Medestichter en CEO van DongleApps NV,
een track & trace bedrijf,
ex-CEO van E-Zone NV, Twipe NV,
MobileWeb NV en Register.be NV.

ir. Marc Van Aken,
medestichter van UUNET NV,
SO-Growth project manager

ir. Johan Van den Bossche,
medestichter en ex-CEO van Krypton El. Eng NV,
Leuven Air Bearings NV en Vesalius MT,
CEO SO Kwadraat

Dr. ir. Ivo Vandeweerd,
medestichter en ex-CEO van Easics en
medestichter en CEO van M4SV.

Lic. Geert Everaert:
ex-CFO van Krypton El. Eng. en Tenneco,
medestichter en ex-CEO van AIF, en
financieel en juridisch expert (acquisities, kapitaalsverhogingen, bedrijfsfinanciën,…)

ir. Liesbet Conings:
SO-Care project manager, en
experte op gebied van medical devices, patenten, IP, innovatie en subsidies

Members of the privy council

Piet Vandendriessche, tax managing partner Deloitte Belgium
Kenneth Bonheure, principal McKinsey & Company
Luc Dirick, Director business Centre Leuven, ING
Stephan Géron, Regional Director ING
Roel Van Hollebeke,  gedelegeerd bestuurder Van Hollebeke & C°
Hendrik Vanmaele, CEO Möbius
Ruben Verhoeven, director McKinsey & Company
Johan Vermeiren, Group Senior Vice President ABB Services, voorzitter RVB SO Kwadraat
Hilde Laga, founder of Laga
Christoph Michiels, Advocaat-vennoot Laga
Paul Bosmans, Manager Pulse Foundation
Guido Vandervorst, Managing Partner Innovation Deloitte

Raad van Bestuur

Johan Vermeiren (voorzitter)
Roel Van Hollebeke 
Johan Van den Bossche